Wednesday, 27 February 2013

the mormons are coming

I was intrigued by The Book of Mormon. I'd noticed a few billboards around town splashed with the phrase 'The Mormons are coming!' in giant black letters, but I hardly knew anything about the show or its plot, apart from the fact that it'd won a whole host of awards in the US for its achievements on Broadway... Believe it or not, I'm not a particularly avid fan of musical theatre, but a musical about Mormons? Could be good. So with a sense of curiosity, I popped along to the Prince of Wales theatre on Monday evening for the preview showing. Nothing could have quite prepared me for the experience. In summary, the show follows a pair of Mormon boys sent on a mission to Uganda, where they find the local tribes are too worried about war, famine and AIDS to care about religion (fair enough)... The satire was biting, the songs filled with blasphemy and obscenity, the costumes completely wonderful and the sets a marvel. It was utterly spectacular. In other words: go go go. (Unless of course you're the easily offended type... O ho.) It was the smiliest, campest thing I've ever come across, and I completely loved it. Find out more and book tickets here.

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