Tuesday, 3 September 2013

saturday supper supplies

We had ten or so friends over for a late summer dinner on Saturday evening. To prepare, we woke early and headed over to Spa Terminus in Bermondsey (which I've written about before, here). After the very best croissants and coffee from The Little Bread Pedlar and Coleman Coffee Roasters, we headed over to Fern Verrow and picked up supper supplies. Fern Verrow is a sixteen acre biodynamic farm in the foothills of the Black Mountains ran by Jane Scotter* and her husband, producing seasonal vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs and meat. Every Friday Jane handpicks the very best that she has, packs it in her van and drives through the early dawn to Spa Terminus, where she sells it to hoards of loyal customers. We bought peaches, tomatoes and shallots and made a salad, which we served with the most incredible Parma ham and mozzarella from The Ham & Cheese Co., which sits under a railway arch next door to Fern Verrow.

*We took photographs of Jane, along with her colleague Katherine May, for the Toast autumn winter 2013 Nourishment project. The project involved us scouting out and photographing twelve people, men and women, all of whom in their various ways work with food and all of whom are passionate about what they do. Discover more here.

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