Thursday, 12 December 2013

pottery class

Last night I enjoyed my final session of amateur winter pottery - I've been going to a class every Wednesday for the past three weeks underneath a couple of railway arches in deepest, darkest Dalston. Turning Earth is a newly opened studio, run by potters Tallie Maughan and Stuart Carey and is open for potters working at all levels, who can come and go as they please. I was a complete beginner, and have had a go at throwing clay on a wheel, making coil pots and glazing. I've ended up with a reasonably handsome (but utterly imperfect and not entirely round) plate, which I spent last night painting with a leaf pattern.

The underside of the half-finished plate... Alas, I don't think I'm a natural potter. Unfortunately I really don't have the patience. It's been a very therapeutic way to spend a few weekday evenings, however! I recommend!

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