Sunday, 26 January 2014

sunday reading

Sunday. The perfect day to spend an afternoon leafing through a couple of new cookbooks I received for Christmas: Food from Plenty by the Sunday Telegraph's award-winning food writer Diana Henry and The Kinfolk Table, published by the people behind one of my favourite magazines: Kinfolk. Both books are full of great photography and have been beautifully designed. (The recipes are pretty good too...)

Anna and Tom Herbert (of Hobbs House Bakery) in The Kinfolk Table.

I love the back cover of this book too - cabbages galore.

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  1. Happy compliments on these Sunday presentations. I very much like the Diane Henry book and I'm glad you nudged me into The Kinfolk Table, which handsomely lives up to its title. {Does whatever is 'ghastly', by the way, in lime green apply to its appearance everywhere?)

    best wishes