Wednesday, 19 March 2014

observer's books

I've wanted a collection of Observer's Books for some time. I can't remember when I first came across them, but I love their beautifully simple, colourful cloth covers with their perfectly subtle typography. The small, pocket-sized books were published between 1937 and 2003 and there are over 800 variations. These ones, the first in my collection, were published in the 60s and were picked up recently from one of my favourite bookshops, Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road.

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  1. Thanks hugely for the introduction to Slightly Foxed. What a fine public-spiritedness seems to animate the place, in the disposal of its profits as well as in its retrieval of wonderful classics, such as Alan Morehead's "A Late Education," and Denis Constanduros on his characterful antecedents. Fortunately for an American, one can browse to some extent online.