Sunday, 14 September 2014

parkway greens

We used to have our fruit and vegetables delivered to our front door in neat cardboard boxes, but since we've started shopping at Parkway Greens, which opened very close to our home earlier this year, we've been completely converted. It's become something of a ritual, our Sunday morning jaunt to leafy Parkway. We'll pick up what looks good (everything) and come home and cook with it. Sometimes I'll even have leftovers to take to work on Monday morning. I don't miss the cardboard boxes at all, convenient though it was to have everything delivered, because now we have somewhere local to shop - a beautiful green store stuffed with colourful, interesting produce. Last weekend we bought these courgette flowers (what a treat!) and stuffed them with ricotta and mint, before deep frying briefly. Absolutely delicious, and just as good as those I ate on the Amalfi Coast back in August.

D. made pasta which we ate with three types of mushroom and lots of herbs (from our flourishing balcony garden), garlic and parmesan.

I made a blackberry and blueberry galette (a recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi, who coincidentally also shops at Parkway Greens). This was fabulous, and I've actually made it two more times since last weekend, I'm almost afraid to admit. Sticky, dark, glistening and gooey, it's a perfect autumn pudding.

Even more blueberries, which I sprinkled over ricotta hotcakes this morning.

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