Sunday, 30 November 2014

two peas in a pod

I'm desperately in need of a new winter coat. I've thought long and hard about this and what I really want is a peacoat, and I think I'll end up plunging for the above, from Maison Kitsuné (expensive option), or the below, from Reiss (cheaper option). I've spent hours searching for my new coat - I want something in heavy wool, with big lapels and deep pockets; something I'll love and keep for years to come. I have light jackets and rain coats, but strangely what I seem to be missing is a reliable winter weather staple that'll see me through the colder months.

The peacoat is a classic, of course, but it's much trickier to find something a bit interesting than perhaps you'd imagine. I can't bare the thought of black, grey or navy wool (really, too boring for words), and most things look the same to me these days. I'm a sucker for a jewel tone however, so I'm deliriously happy to have found these. Forest green or cherry? Now we're talking!

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  1. the green if it leaves option to still by bubbly and other nice things...