Sunday, 29 March 2015

springtime wish list

I say wish list, but I actually bought this jacket yesterday. It's from Gant Rugger and it has 'light and truth' in Latin stitched across the back, which obviously I couldn't resist. It's the perfect shade of navy blue and I love the gold hardware. Also, I'm really feeling corduroy at the moment.

The reverse. I usually hate words on clothes but Ivy League university mottoes are a different matter I reckon. (It actually reads 'luxury and truth', a clever joke.)

Suede Gucci loafers in cornflower blue.

I keep meaning to pick up one of these natty sleeveless lambswool numbers from Drake's. This is the perfect shade of moss green.

Bright yellow trousers from Toast.

And for the house? To be honest I could probably do with one of these old illuminated signboards from Lassco. (They used to hang in an English seaside town.) Too excellent! Thinking about it, when or if I eventually find a studio, one of these will have to hang above the door.

A rare Irish mirror from the Regency period, studded with blue crystal and white glass in a copper frame. Ebury Trading occasionally have these beautiful old Irish mirrors in stock. I've wanted one for years.

We just bought one of these smart brass Miami table lamps and a jaunty red silk ikat shade from Pooky, my new favourite destination for lighting. It's living on an old wooden chest of drawers in our bedroom.

A good Beni Ouarain for our sitting room. (This particular one is from Beldi Rugs.)


  1. Of course there is a sea of notes, remarking on the jest of "luxe" where the word is, "lux," allowing mirth I do not wish to invade. Yale was never so amusing, Cole Porter to the contrary notwithstanding.

  2. Oh how funny. Clearly I did not give this proper thought. A good joke! I rather like it.