Thursday, 20 December 2012

magazine reading: kinfolk volume six

Kinfolk is one of my favourite magazines. I mean it has to be in the top three. It's the combination of beautiful lifestyle photography (every single image is perfect), the general aesthetics of the magazine (simple, elegant design and fonts) and a brilliant subject matter (Kinfolk is a guide for small gatherings) that really does it for me. The latest issue, volume six, is a wintery spectacle. Two of my favourite features in this issue have to be the Holiday Health Rules, which includes such delightful suggestions as 'Anything that comes in a can or a box better not be the main dish.' and 'Microwaves are boring. Use them less.', and a work of fiction about a girl who ends up spending Christmas in a snowy English hollow, close to the river Wye. Perfect reading for a cold December Sunday afternoon - pick up a copy (and back issues!) if you haven't already.

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