Sunday, 18 August 2013

24th birthday

It was my 24th Birthday last Tuesday. I got up very early and watched Brideshead Revisited (all-time favourite) in bed (the perfect way to start the day), before heading up the road to Hampstead. We ate lunch at The Holly Bush and afterwards ambled around the village, a little drunk, picking out our favourite houses.

We went to The Wolseley for dinner and ate oysters, artichokes, quails eggs and crab. Oh, and a marvellous toasted brioche chocolate sandwich for pudding.

My friend Haeni gave me this. It smells of juniper berries, black pepper, carraway, incense, hyacinth, leather, papyrus, patchouli and black amber. Delicious.

Another friend, Rachel, gave me this fabulous card. The future me, I predict...


  1. Happy Birthday, Luke. I love reading your blog and seeing the lovely pictures you post x

  2. readin' a blog entry with the mention of Brideshed Revisited & quail eggs in it is rare & beauteous & gimme the good kind of chills