Thursday, 15 August 2013


So, Wilderness Festival was a blast! We decamped to the Cotswolds late on Friday afternoon, after a slightly traumatic journey which involved us breaking down on a busy roundabout near Oxford. (The AA guy came, turned the key and started the engine first time, naturally. We just sort of stared at our feet and muttered something about the temperamental nature of our badly behaved car... Err, yeah...) We arrived at Cornbury Park as the sun was setting, bathing endless fields and forests in soft golden light. We found our tent nestled in the shadows of the mighty house (belonging to Lord and Lady Rotherwick) - all gorgeous Cotswold stone and enormous, shimmering windows. We spent the rest of the weekend exploring the many delights of the festival. We danced late at night in a tiny tent in a secret copse and swam in the freezing lakes at dawn (I say swam, it was more of an anxious flap - too concerned about nipping crayfish). We ate lots of delicious street food (haloumi, chorizo, meatballs, churros) and watched gymnasts, performers, musicians, poets and writers do, sing and say wonderful things. I even bought a wand (handmade from willow - obviously couldn't have been happier about that). My phone's battery kept repeatedly giving up, so I'm lacking in lots of good pictures, but here's D. in front of our tent and a few others...

The lakeside spa, curated by Toast. Here we swam in the mornings and napped in the afternoons, whilst people drifted around in little boats.


Saturday evening wildfire sunset.

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