Wednesday, 2 October 2013

english decoration

Some exciting news! Last week, I started working full-time for Ben Pentreath Ltd in Ben's newly established interior decoration department alongside Lucy Wilks, who heads up the studio. I first met Ben a couple of years ago. After launching an online antiques shop (Fox and Flyte*) with two friends in 2011, we wrote to Ben to let him know about our new emporium; he became our first customer, buying a set of fine copper pans from us. This lead to Ben offering us a small pop-up space within his Bloomsbury shop, very kindly, and we kept in touch after that. Fast forward to 2013: when the opportunity to join Ben's team arose back in the summer, I jumped at the chance. I've been a huge fan of Ben's colourful English style ever since I first stepped into his shop as a student. It's all very exciting. A new adventure!

Buy Ben's book here.

*We shut up shop at Fox and Flyte earlier this year, but new things are most definitely in the pipeline. Watch this space...

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