Tuesday, 22 October 2013

wish list: ancient industries

Ancient Industries: a beautifully curated selection of products for sale, carefully chosen by art director and book cover designer Megan Wilson. Originally from New York, Megan grew up in England in the 1970s (she studied at Saint Martins, as I did). With her aesthetics-and-quality-obsessed mother in charge, the family bought only traditionally made and well-designed clothing and items for the home. When Megan moved back to the United States, her penchant for quality and tradition led her to continue the pilgrimages of her youth to the markets of Europe, where items made by the 'ancient industries', like Austrian enamelware makers and Menorcan cobblers, still existed. Megan started selling these wares to her friends, then friends of friends, before setting up her business.

The result of Megan's rigorous sourcing and hard work? A really great little shop, full of practical things that you want to buy and use. I'm particularly fond of this Porridge Pot, these Winter Candlesticks and these English Beeswax Candles. I mean it's essentially everything one needs in preparation for battening down the hatches come deep winter: candlelight and porridge.

Take a look at Megan's brilliant blog here. Then view her fabulous book cover designs here. (Oddly enough, she has designed some of my favourite covers, including a great one for Love in a Cold Climate, which I read and fell in love with earlier this year - see here.) Oh and whilst you're at it, read an inspiring interview with Megan here. Can you tell I'm a big fan?

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