Saturday, 24 May 2014

marbled delight

Talking of campfire bliss (see below), I really do need to plan some sort of adventurous outdoor wild camping trip, if only so I can make use of my new marbled enamelware from Labour and Wait. I love a good bit of marbling, and Labour and Wait's range of plates, bowls, tins and mugs should be just the ticket for serving up summer treats. I cannot go into L&W's shop in the East End without coming away with at least a new frying pan or a few bars of soap - it's heaven.


  1. Hello Luke:

    We simply love the enamelware but prefer to think of it in use in the home rather than the great outdoors. Think hot baths and a comfortable mattress before you embark into the wild!!

  2. Very true! I have been making good use of the mug at breakfast time...