Monday, 12 May 2014

sofa dreams

As mentioned previously, we've been making a few decoration adjustments at home, particularly in the sitting room - new colour for the walls, new floorboards - but what's been exciting us most is the arrival of our new sofa, which we chose to have upholstered in a mustard yellow velvet. I'm so pleased with the result; it certainly brightens up a dull London morning, and the yellow seems to work rather well with the dark green walls, which is a relief. We've adorned it with a Navigare cushion from Svenskt Tenn, which I picked up in Liberty a couple of years ago - one of my favourite designs from the Swedes, plus, of course, new Ionic Column and Palm Tree cushions from my very own debut range! (Massive hint: available here.)

The Iggy, from

Funnily, almost as soon as our new yellow sofa arrived, something inside our old grey Orson sofa from snapped and rendered it useless. (Christ, is all that springtime baking I've been doing finally taking its toll?) Luckily, we're having it replaced with the same model, but in a purple fabric! I couldn't resist. Who wants a boring old grey sofa? Quite full-on really - green walls, a yellow sofa and a purple sofa. I can't wait to see how it's going to look...


  1. green & yellow ; nothing more super than that

  2. I've been wondering what color to paint my living room. Now I know it should be green!


  3. wow yellow color sofa is looking beautiful.sofa-cum-bed