Monday, 9 June 2014

botanical inspiration

And so I've been thinking, until I can actually be a proper gardener, perhaps I'll just dress a bit like one. Or at least that was the thinking behind a recent new purchase - my Goodwood Worksuit Jacket from Private White VC, which was designed in collaboration the Goodwood Revival Festival. The texture of the jacket is wonderful - it's been garment dyed and washed so it's very soft, and hopefully it'll only get better with use and age. I love the olive green colour of the cotton, plus the buttons are detachable and can be swapped for ones of a different colour (I think I'll go for red). With its neat little high collar and deep pockets, to me it looks like the sort of jacket a gardener would have worn in the 30s or 40s. This is the vibe I want to channel for early summer I reckon. Pass me a trowel.

See what I mean?

Botanical inspiration: Cecil Beaton at Reddish House, 1963.

Even more outdoor inspiration: I found this image over at FOLK at home.

Clearly I'm going off at a tangent here, but I can't help myself. I suppose I just need to get out there and actually do some gardening (although - terrible excuse - I do only have a city balcony to work with). But is it the romantic idea of gardening or the clothes that I'm more interested in? I think I probably know the answer to that question! Anyway, what about these lovely planters by Sean Roy Parker from The Garden Edit? I love the slightly wonky shapes and colourful glazes.

Perhaps not so ideal for the garden, but another new purchase also worthy of a mention: my pair of double monk strap shoes from Dr Martens. I'd been wanting a pair of monk strap shoes for a long time but I could never find the right style. I like how simple and pared down this version is - perfect for wearing with a jazzy sock and a colourful trouser, or with no socks and a pair of pastel shorts come the summer.

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