Sunday, 15 June 2014

wish list: interior life

I stumbled upon Interior Life a few weeks ago, in Daunt Books on the Fulham Road. It jogged something in my memory - I was sure I'd read about the book and its author, Gert Voorjans, some time ago. Voorjans is a Belgian interior designer with a richly layered aesthetic I'm highly in admiration of; colourful, eclectic, elegant and eccentric. His book is a huge, dazzling tome, a visual feast of a book which captures his style style and gives us a clue to his way of thinking. I'm still yet to pick up a copy, but I really don't think I'll be able to hold out for much longer...

Responsible for most of Dries Van Noten's nine flagship stores (another Belgian designer I admire), the pair have been working together for almost two decades. Previously, Voorjans worked for another famous Belgian, the legendary antiques dealer and interior designer Axel Vervoordt.

I love these green glazed cupboards.

Lilac walls and furniture and bright red bookshelves! I would very much like to spend a night in this room - the dream.

A splendid set of cushions.

'Every element we add has to at least give the impression that it could have always been there', says Voorjans of his studio's style, a commendable concept when it comes to interior design, and a concept which I very much appreciate.

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  1. Hello Luke,

    Well, we are certainly with you on the maximalist, multi layered approach to decoration around the house. This definitely encapsulates our own style and we love the interiors which you show here.

    However, it is, as always, deceptively difficult to make such an apparently disharmonious collection of clutter into a satisfying whole. Clearly, here us a master of all he assembles for the textures, patterns and colours all work together so beautifully. It is so true that each element seems to have been permanently present and happy in its environment. Very cleverly done!