Tuesday, 12 March 2013

from the vaults: tuscany, 2011

Well, the weather in the UK is beastly. A freezing storm raged and roared and threw itself all over the place yesterday, rattling windows, reddening faces and forcing temperatures to plummet to new lows. In fact, last night was one of the coldest nights of the winter yet...

Whilst sitting here at my computer this morning (ensconced in several jumpers and blankets), I felt the need to dig up a few pictures from a trip we went on back in August 2011... I'm trying to conjure up a little hope I suppose... Winter will eventually fade. (It's got to, surely?) Almost two years ago now, we escaped to the Tuscan hills for a week of sunsets, frescoes and mozzarella. We stayed in a beautiful converted farm house close to the village of Asciano, not far from the breathtaking Renaissance architecture of Siena and deep in the heart of serious wine country. Heaven. Winter may be refusing to release its its arctic grip on us, but I can dream of sunnier times, those past and those yet to come.

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