Tuesday, 5 March 2013

to the summerhouse

Across the lake.

Spring snowdrops.

I've always loved the summerhouse in the grounds of the big house, perhaps even more so than the big house itself. I just really like a round room.

I spent this past weekend with my family back in Hampshire (celebrating my Grandmother's 65th birthday) and whilst there, I paid a visit to The Vyne, a 16th-century country house owned by the National Trust on the outskirts of Sherborne St John, the village in which my grandparents live. I used to work in the Tudor tea-room at The Vyne every Sunday as a teenager along with lots of my school friends. It was a dream weekend job - hardly anybody used to visit during the bleak winter months, so much of our time was spent huddled around a crackling fire, eating countless slices of Victoria sponge cake and drinking hot chocolate. It's always a joy to revisit the place, and the grounds looked exceptionally delightful this weekend, with patches of brilliant white snowdrops covering the lawns and a soft golden light bathing the old buildings. The first days of spring are upon us, at last.

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