Saturday, 2 March 2013

gant rugger

Shirts in every colour.

The shop used to be a butchers (in the thirties, I think the shop assistant told me). The decorators made the very wise choice to leave these charming old yellow wall tiles behind. I'm not really sure what the grey surface is beneath them but I like the contrast of textures rather a lot.

Excellent packaging - like oversized sandwich bags!

The sweater.

From the Gant Rugger spring/summer lookbook. (Orange, blue and pink - what a winning combination of colours! *Take note for summer dressing.*)

I just happened to wander into the new Gant Rugger shop in Soho today, and ended up leaving twenty minutes later with a sweater in hand. I couldn't help myself - look at that brilliant shade of blue. (Cornflower, I suppose you'd call it?) The bold use of colour cleverly makes a classic cable knit just that little bit more fresh and exciting. The fit is perfect too. I'm imagining it'll be the perfect piece to throw on over a shirt (or draped and tied over shoulders) come the warmer months... (I mean, they are coming, right?) I'm pining after the mint green version too.

Image of sweater: Mr Porter.

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