Thursday, 25 July 2013

an evening with the mistress

We ate dinner in the gardens of the fascinating Fenton House in Hampstead last week, as part of a unique dining adventure put together by leading pop-up dining collective The Art of Dining and the National Trust. Entitled A Night with the Mistress, the evening was based around the theme of indulgent Regency decadence and included a mix of beautiful set design (taxidermy, trailing plants, candlelight) and great food and wine, interspersed with bouts of opera.

We wandered through the house, cocktails in hand, before sitting down to dinner. The balcony at the very top of the house (see top left hand corner of first picture) provided the most stunning view of the city, looking down through trees.

The night was incredibly pleasant and warm. We ate frog legs, edible flowers and soil, rabbit, gooseberries and cream.


Quite the most spectacular location to eat one's supper...

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  1. Frog legs was one of the home cooked comfort food of my childhood