Friday, 19 July 2013

i am listening to...

The Summer in February Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Look, I know this film received pretty bad reviews but I can't lie, I'm still desperate to see it. Set in Cornwall in the early twentieth century, Summer in February tells the story of a love triangle between British artist Alfred Munnings, his friend Gilbert Evans and Florence Carter-Wood. Plodding script aside, critics lavished praise on the film's costumes, photography and production design, and these are precisely the things that drew me in when I first watched the trailer a few months ago (see below). Staggering seascapes, candlelit inns, beachside nudity, horses, scarves, tears, gypsies, paintbrushes and the wild Cornish coast in all its glory... I mean it's all so me... I am also partial to a bit of melodrama. The soundtrack is rather nice, and will have to suffice until I get around to watching the film in its entirety.

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