Thursday, 18 July 2013

the river café

We celebrated a work related achievement of D.'s with supper at The River Café on Monday. I was taken for my 21st Birthday (almost three years ago, ugh!) and it felt really great to be back. An absolute treat. As everyone on the planet seems to agree, the food really can't be beaten. We made the most of the brilliant weather and ate outdoors on the terrace - Parma ham, melon, veal, linguine, ravioli, lamb, sea bass and of course, the restaurant's famous chocolate nemesis. (Why, pray tell, does my version never turn out like theirs - deliciously airy and light?) Clearly I like to think of myself as a Roman Emperor come dinner time... A feast if ever there was one.

A few courses later... I think pictures of a dinner just after it's been eaten can often look really beautiful and elegant, no? Or... Just me, perhaps.

We left just as the sun was setting majestically over the Thames. Amber, coral, gold, midnight blue. About as perfect as an evening can get, I reckon.