Wednesday, 17 April 2013

wish list: olympia le-tan + kitsuné

Oh, how I adore Olympia Le-Tan. I have been a fan of her artisanal book cover clutch bags for quite some time. Yet, I am a boy; I do not think that I could get away with carrying a multicoloured, embroidered clutch bag. More's the pity, because they are all beautiful works of hand-crafted genius. Luckily for me, Miss Le-Tan has created a range of pure wool fox-shaped blazon-badges for the French clothing brand (and music label) Kitsuné (which means fox in Japanese, in case you were wondering). They feature a pin clasp and come in two sizes and a range of striking colours. Sign me up, or rather, pin me down. Available from Kitsuné here. On a related note, how wonderful an illustrator is Olympia's father, Pierre Le-Tan? (Enjoy below.) A talented pair indeed... Take a peek inside Pierre's completely charming apartment and Olympia's acid pink and lime green studio in this article for T Magazine.

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