Friday, 12 April 2013

from the vaults: on the beach, in the rain

This is an old one from a couple of years ago. The circus horses were Photoshopped, in case you can't tell. I'm on a beach in north Devon - one of my favourite places on Earth. I embark on a pilgrimage to this rugged strip of West Country coast with my family every summer. At this point of the holiday I was hunting for crabs with my younger siblings on a stoney beach where the tide rises high and the rock pools get filled with murky water and all manner of sea creatures. I love this Acne raincoat for its deep forest green colour. It really is the perfect coat for stomping around in rock pools. Though tricky to see, there's a little enamel swan badge attached to the coat; I'd picked it up from a seaside gift shop that very morning. I'm also quite a fan of wearing jumpers and coats with shorts - seasonally confusing, but fun, I always think. I don't remember coming across any crabs in the end, but that's fine because I always find their little eyes and big claws a bit horrible.

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